Day 1 – My first day at TCS (16 Jan, 2013)

So my day at my new office began at 8. Well it began at, more like, 5 in the morning because of all the first day excitement and rush and not being able to sleep because of nervousness all night. I took public transportation till office and entered the gates at 7.50am. Today’s agenda for new joiners is a whole day of induction program.

Since I had reached office real early, the auditorium where the induction was supposed to take place was pretty empty. I took my place on the very first row next to two other girls who were unfortunate enough to arrive even earlier than me.

The person in charge came in at about 8.10 and handed us our attendance sheet which we all signed. By this time, people has started arriving and the auditorium was half full. The induction started off with a welcome speech video given by my new CEO followed by a documentary featuring history of tcs narrated by Kabir Bedi. It was all very dull as all induction programs go but then first day is the first day and you still feel all excited.

After a short break, we had a short session with the practice head of Chennai who told us all about the organizational structure and values and delivery models etc of TCS. Well, let me stop here and just say that there were a lot of short and long sessions, some boring and some interesting.

Apart from the induction sessions, there was free lunch and tea and our new office identity cards were distributed for which we were photographed earlier.

I was one of the unlucky ones who didn’t get my ID card because of some system glitch. I was one among the only two who didn’t get the ID cards and will still be wearing the visitor’s badge on day 2. 🙂 So much for not sticking out from the crowd..