July Cards

This post is really late as you can make out from the title. Well I guess I got really busy last month and couldn’t make any posts here.

So here’s a post with assorted pics. I have only four in here right now. A few have already been sent across to the people they were made for. I wish, of course, that I had clicked a few pics of all of them. And above all that, had a minor mishap with my phone and lost all my pics when I restored phone to factory settings 🙁

Will make do with the ones I have left for now.

All the cards in these images are blank cards with no written words inside. So here they are :

Masculine Birthday Card

Circle Punch Card - No Sentiment

CAS Birthday Card

Set of 2 mini cards


Ribbon Weaving for Handmade Card

So here’s the work of an amateur card maker.

Handmade Card - Rainbow Colors

I know the card doesn’t have a whole lot except the whole ribbon-woven portion. But then, there are so many colors in there, that adding anything else in the card, would have made it look really tacky.

I was really confused for a while, wondering where to add the word – ‘Best Wishes’.

So the lesson learnt here is that, next time, I will do the ribbon weaving for a smaller area 😛

I decided to use satin ribbons for this handmade card because of my ever growing stash. I normally use my ribbons for jewellery making, but I have used it here for a change.

Below, you can see the whole process of how I did the ribbon weaving portion for the card.

Ribbon Weaving - DIY - For Handmade Cards

Here’s a closer look at the hand-written sentiment and the flower.

Card-Flower Card_Sentiment


Submitting this card to : Catchy Challenges : Rainbow Colors without a Rainbow

White Satin Ribbon Bracelet

Hi Ya’ll,

It is just very recently that I have come across many paper crafters and handmade jewelry hobbyists online. And I have discovered that connecting through blogs is a much more cooler way to socialize with like-minded people than on facebook and other sites.

Although I have never posted much of  my craft work on my personal blog before, I am starting today 🙂

This handmade bracelet was made using White Satin Ribbon, White Beads, German Silver Spiral and Heart Charms.

White Ribbon Bracelet With Silver Charms

This Jewelry piece is my entry to the Itsy Bitsy Pristine Sparkle Challenge.

Itsy Bitsy Pristine Sparkle Challenge- White and Silver (Submission for Jewelry- Making Category)


I hope I am doing this right.

Comments and Criticisms welcome 🙂 Looking forward to making loads of new friends.

Oh and sorry about the shiny bright pic. Clicked the pic using my Lumia phone and the auto settings have made it look all glowy.

Judgement Day – May 21, 2011- Just another story of the boy who cried “Wolf”??

Harold Camping, an 89 yr old, christian radio broadcaster, has predicted the end of the world which is to be tomorrow the 21st of May 2011. And if you watch the video below, you will see that he blames homosexuality and lesbianism for this.

Watch Harold Camping talk about it

I do not know if the world will end tomorrow. I do not know if God will end the world just for indulging in homosexuality. But I do know this, God is gonna be pretty unhappy with Mr. Camping for using his name to preach false prophecies. I doubt God would want people to repent and change their ways just because they are scared to die tomorrow.

When the world has to end, it will end. And God doesn’t need this publicity to announce his coming.

According to Mr.Camping’s calculations, looks like only Christians will be taken back to heaven by Jesus. What about all the other good people? There are many good people on this planet who don’t deserve to die for a reason like end of the world.

I feel really bad for all the people who have liquidated their life savings to pour money into this Judgement Day campaigns for lost cause. When the sun rises on Sunday, how will you face all the innocent believers, Mr.Camping?

There are worse things on earth that God needs to punish humans for, than just homosexuality. There is still a lot of good in the world and it is not yet time for this world to go. This is my belief.

I am gonna enjoy my Saturday and look forward to watching “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” on Sunday. If the world does end tomorrow, I know that I have no regrets today. But if it doesn’t… 🙂 We can thank God for yet another beautiful day.

Bleed Blue! – Another successful attempt of Mass Commercial Brainwashing?

Bleed Blue? That is the crappiest slogan I’ve heard in Commercial History. The fact that “The Industry” managed to make it a hugely successful campaign, goes to show how brainless we Indians are.

On the day of the Pakistan and India Match of the ICC World Cup 2011, some of my closest friends insisted I change my office messenger status to busy because it changes the status color to blue. The Messenger’s “Available” status color is green, and so, anyone having their status as “Available”, was supposedly supporting Pakistan. I mean c’mon, I have seen people behave childish.. but to go to such silly lengths just to “Bleed Blue” , that was a first.

NOTE: I don’t mean any offense to my friends here. I love you guys. So please don’t be pissed after reading this. 🙁

Most the people who have seen the Bleed Blue campaign seem to think that, it was the only way to have supported India for the world cup. I understand the want for wearing the Indian team jersey or painting the Indian tri-color on your face or body… but Bleed blue? How the hell are you supposed to bleed blue? And then, there were the Bleed Blue Badges on Facebook Profile Pictures as well.

Was there really no other way to show support for Team India? Why just bleed blue? Why not crap blue as well?

And now when the IPL season starts, people are gonna be bleeding the rainbow left and right! Will we never learn?

There have been so many more sensible commercial slogans over the years.. And the one that got so effing famous was the stupidest* of them all!


* – I’ve got no idea if the usage of that word is correct.

One little thing that makes me happy – Post 1

One of my very good friends told me today that I think too much. She wants me to stop thinking and worrying so much about the future and start living in the present. I am gonna try from today to make a list of things that make me happy each day, even if they are just little things.

Today, I guess I could be happy about the fact that my bus reached my place earlier than usual, saving me half an hour. But is this something to be happy about? Or is it something I should be thankful for? I know i reached half hour early, but what difference did it make to me? That I got to browse an extra half hour on the internet or that I got to spend an extra half hour alone in my room? Hmm… No. I don’t think this makes me happy.
Fine, lets find something else to be happy about. The dinner was good today. I had 4 idlys and sambhar. Should i be happy for this or grateful to God? Umm… I guess that is a NO again.
Alright moving on. I got it!! I am happy that i got to see another new episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 🙂 Yes! Watching Grey’s Anatomy makes me happy. And tomorrow i will get to watch an episode of House M.D 😀 Yay!
Alright, so looks like its gonna be tough finding little things to be happy about. But I am gonna try my best to think of what made me happy before i close my eyes for the day.

Lets see for how long this self-therapy works 🙂

P.S: I am basically a cynical+critical+pessimistic person. Being falsely perky doesn’t really look good on me. This post is a sincere effort on my part to try to be happy with what I have. I am gonna try my best not to worry about the future. Because truth be told, my future isn’t that bright. And if I can’t be happy now… who knows if I will ever be happy! Might as well start looking for reasons to be happy now.. than dying sad.


The man who lived forever

One of my favorite stories that i heard as a child was the story of “the man who lived forever”.

There was once a man who was afraid of death. And so he prayed to God constantly, asking him to grant him one wish. So one day God finally answered his prayers and appeared in the man’s dream. God asked him,”What is it that you wish from me?” And the man replied, ” I wish to live forever.” God asked him, “Are you sure about this? Because i am going to grant you only one wish. And you cannot go back no matter how much you want to.” The man replied,”I’m sure of it God. I want to live forever.”

God granted that man’s wish and disappeared. The next day the man woke up happy to know that he was never going to die. He lived his life happily. He got married and had a son.

As it goes, its only natural to get old. And with old age comes all sorts of diseases and disabilities.

The man got old. He was diagnosed with many diseases. But he didn’t die. When he crossed 100yrs of age, he became incapable of movement But he remained alive despite everything.

One fine day his son decided that he had had enough of this. Taking care of the old man was taking most of his time and energy. So the man’s son went to a potter and asked him to make a pot big enough to hold one man’s body. When the pot was ready, the son placed his father inside the pot and placed a lid on it. He asked the pot to be placed inside the cellar. And that’s where the old man stayed. His son died. Generations came and went but the man remained alive in the pot in the cellar. Once in a while the old man’s great-grandchildren would hear a cough or sneeze from the cellar. But no one cared.

The old man never saw the light of day again. But he is still alive in some part of the world. He can never die and he can’t ask god to take back his wish.

Moral of the story – There is a time for everything. A time to eat. A time to sleep. A time to live. A time to love. And a time to die. And each thing should be done in its time. Trying to change nature’s laws is going to result in major disappointments.

NOTE: This story is my own. This was present previously in my old blog : http://iamtoxxic.wordpress.com. I have deleted the old blog. And moved some of the posts here.