White Satin Ribbon Bracelet

Hi Ya’ll,

It is just very recently that I have come across many paper crafters and handmade jewelry hobbyists online. And I have discovered that connecting through blogs is a much more cooler way to socialize with like-minded people than on facebook and other sites.

Although I have never posted much of ย my craft work on my personal blog before, I am starting today ๐Ÿ™‚

This handmade bracelet was made using White Satin Ribbon, White Beads, German Silver Spiral and Heart Charms.

White Ribbon Bracelet With Silver Charms

This Jewelry piece is my entry to the Itsy Bitsy Pristine Sparkle Challenge.

Itsy Bitsy Pristine Sparkle Challenge- White and Silver (Submission for Jewelry- Making Category)


I hope I am doing this right.

Comments and Criticisms welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to making loads of new friends.

Oh and sorry about the shiny bright pic. Clicked the pic using my Lumia phone and the auto settings have made it look all glowy.

Pretty in Pink

I have been postponing this entry for quite some time. I wanted to click a better picture of this product with proper lighting and background. But I guess i will never really find time to do it. So i am posting it as it is for now. Clicked this photo using my Nokia Lumia 920.

Pink Ribbon Bracelet

Supplies used: Pink Satin Ribbon, White beads, White rose charm, German silver spiral charms, clasp and chain

New Blog Theme and Color Scheme :)

So, I have changed my blog theme andย  made it all PINK! I have never really been much a pink fan.. But this makes my blog look sooo cute.. Sigh!!

So this color theme stays till I am sick of it… In fact, in my next post, I am going to share one of the satin bracelets I made.. And you can surely guess the color … ๐Ÿ˜› Yes it is pink..