Feedly OR Blogger

I have recently decided to start socializing in the blogosphere with more crafters and handmade jewellery hobbyists. And I have realized that it is sort of difficult for people like me with self-hosted blogs to follow blogs on Blogger. I mean it is mandatory for a person to have a blogger profile to be able to follow another blog hosted on Blogger. For now, I have added quite a few blogs to my blogger reading list.
But I think I will be switching to Feedly. The options are far better on Feedly. And with the Google Chrome add-on option, I can just use the Feedly mini-icon to add any blog to my reading list.

Note(adding this note on 28th may, 2013) : I just noticed that if you add blogs using blogger, they automatically get added to your feedly reading list.. So yay! for me 😀