Bleed Blue! – Another successful attempt of Mass Commercial Brainwashing?

Bleed Blue? That is the crappiest slogan I’ve heard in Commercial History. The fact that “The Industry” managed to make it a hugely successful campaign, goes to show how brainless we Indians are.

On the day of the Pakistan and India Match of the ICC World Cup 2011, some of my closest friends insisted I change my office messenger status to busy because it changes the status color to blue. The Messenger’s “Available” status color is green, and so, anyone having their status as “Available”, was supposedly supporting Pakistan. I mean c’mon, I have seen people behave childish.. but to go to such silly lengths just to “Bleed Blue” , that was a first.

NOTE: I don’t mean any offense to my friends here. I love you guys. So please don’t be pissed after reading this. 🙁

Most the people who have seen the Bleed Blue campaign seem to think that, it was the only way to have supported India for the world cup. I understand the want for wearing the Indian team jersey or painting the Indian tri-color on your face or body… but Bleed blue? How the hell are you supposed to bleed blue? And then, there were the Bleed Blue Badges on Facebook Profile Pictures as well.

Was there really no other way to show support for Team India? Why just bleed blue? Why not crap blue as well?

And now when the IPL season starts, people are gonna be bleeding the rainbow left and right! Will we never learn?

There have been so many more sensible commercial slogans over the years.. And the one that got so effing famous was the stupidest* of them all!


* – I’ve got no idea if the usage of that word is correct.

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  1. Kaustav Mukherjee says:

    Yeah, this is indeed the crappiest slogan I have ever heard. And the fact that it has become so popular bears testament to the brainless-ness of uber-modern Indian teenagers. The only reason I can think of is that the term ‘bleed` introduces a certain sense of machismo in the process, with which the teenagers can identify, thinking that in propagating the slogan, they are doing something profoundly heroic and macho. ‘Crap blue ‘ doesn’t quite bring that effect! The young generation is always on the lookout for stuff that accentuates their machismo, and the industry is more than aware of this psyche,
    so that’s why it has become a hit.

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