Such a pain when you finally have time to come and write something on your blog, only to find that you can’t login anymore because WordPress has been hacked!!

Had to post this rant of mine from my phone. Unable to access any of my WordPress blogs from my desktop PC. Well anyway, hope to fix it soon and get this up and running…

Day 1 – My first day at TCS (16 Jan, 2013)

So my day at my new office began at 8. Well it began at, more like, 5 in the morning because of all the first day excitement and rush and not being able to sleep because of nervousness all night. I took public transportation till office and entered the gates at 7.50am. Today’s agenda for new joiners is a whole day of induction program.

Since I had reached office real early, the auditorium where the induction was supposed to take place was pretty empty. I took my place on the very first row next to two other girls who were unfortunate enough to arrive even earlier than me.

The person in charge came in at about 8.10 and handed us our attendance sheet which we all signed. By this time, people has started arriving and the auditorium was half full. The induction started off with a welcome speech video given by my new CEO followed by a documentary featuring history of tcs narrated by Kabir Bedi. It was all very dull as all induction programs go but then first day is the first day and you still feel all excited.

After a short break, we had a short session with the practice head of Chennai who told us all about the organizational structure and values and delivery models etc of TCS. Well, let me stop here and just say that there were a lot of short and long sessions, some boring and some interesting.

Apart from the induction sessions, there was free lunch and tea and our new office identity cards were distributed for which we were photographed earlier.

I was one of the unlucky ones who didn’t get my ID card because of some system glitch. I was one among the only two who didn’t get the ID cards and will still be wearing the visitor’s badge on day 2. 🙂 So much for not sticking out from the crowd..

What is the root cause of the problem?

I’m tired; tired of listening to horrific stories of gang rapes happening in India. And then there is an outcry throughout the country asking for Capital Punishment for the animals who did this. I’m tired of people trying to find a solution for a problem after it has happened.

Yes, I say all of you are wrong. All this would never have happened if you all taught your sons to respect women in the first place.

There’s not a day goes by when I’m browsing on Facebook or other social networking sites, where I don’t see boys and men talk about women like they have every right to talk about women in the most demeaning way possible. Men of today cannot seem to talk about women in any other context other than Sex.

Of course I don’t say all men are pigs. But sure a majority are!

It is 2012, and yet families are praying to have a baby boy. Why? Baby boys will bring name and fame and dowry to the family. And then, these baby boys are brought up and taught that the sun shines out of their asses. They are shown that their mothers will sacrifice everything so that they can have more in life. But no, they are not taught to respect them and be grateful for this. Instead what they learn from this is- it is every woman’s duty to sacrifice everything and stay home and take care of the men and fulfill each and every wish and whim of these same men.

So, when these baby boys grow up and come out into the world and see independent woman who speak their minds and stand tall among the men of the world, they cannot even pretend to try to understand this. These baby boys are outraged at how these women can look them in the eye and talk as their equals.

See, I don’t think there will be an end to these rapes. In fact, I feel, there might be rapists out there watching the news this very second analyzing what these perpetrators did wrong and how they would do this better without getting caught.

Root cause of the problem is in us. Women and Men, start teaching your sons to respect women. When women wear modern clothes, they are not “asking for your son’s d*ck inside them”. When women laugh and talk to other males, they are not sluts asking to be propositioned.

And if you can’t teach your sons to respect women, then teach them to play with their own ‘instruments’ instead of walking around looking for a place to stick it. Ask your sons to mind their own business instead of looking for a way to punish these outstanding educated women who are way better than them.

Why should a girl suffer just so a man can feel good about himself and give himself an ego boost by demeaning her?

NOTE: Yeah, I know it looks like I am shouting and ranting. But then, after the injustice done to that poor girl, there cannot be any coherent words to describe how one feels.



Updates.. Updates.. Updates

So yeah I know i keep saying I’m gonna write more often and then I don’t. Now here I am, trying to keep up the promises I made to myself 🙂

Been three months since my last post.. Whoa!

So whats been up since then? Hmm… Lots of things have happened. I went home for a month. What did I do there? Nothing. Not a single thing. Played with the kittens, ate and slept. Oh and not to forget, I fought with my parents 🙂

Then I came back to Chennai, went back to office. Office is not as great as it used to be. My friends have all quit and joined other companies. It’s lonely in there all by myself. Plus my current project is really really hectic. And definitely not because of the work but because of all the rework.

I’m not stupid. I don’t make logical errors in my code. All the rework is because we are never sure what is to be done. So best way to do it do it in three different ways. That’s how things are done in my project yes.

I haven’t been able to have some alone time since I started working on this project. The only reason I have time to write this post today is because my team lead was on leave. I came home early because I didn’t have him around to answer to.

I haven’t made a single product for Divazzle in the past 3-4 months. This project has almost killed a little bit inside me. Which is why I quit 🙂 I submitted my resignation today.. Hopefully, 3 months from today I will have some time to myself. What i need is some work – life balance. I need to be able to bust my stress by doing what I love and that for me is Divazzle.

And yes, there are going to be lots of new things coming up on Divazzle soon.. very soon. They may not be unique but they are certainly going to be amazing.

I am working on making a working tag line for Divazzle and a new design for the Divazzle business cards. Divazzle needs awe-inspiring and jaw dropping business card designs. So if anyone can point me in the right direction- I will be very grateful.

I guess this post is as good a comeback can get.. Love you guys. Ciao.

Mwwah! XOXO 😛


One Amazing Thing

I know there has been a long gap between my last post and this one. But i really didn’t have anything to write. Today i do.

Yesterday, i finished reading the novel – One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. I will not say that it is one of my favourite books but that does not mean it is not good. It definitely is a great read and it really made me think. I am not here to write a book review but what i am gonna write here is how that book made me feel.

It made me think of all the little things that we take for granted. We always yearn for more when what we need is right in front of us.

From the time we are able to speak and understand what is being spoken to us, we have been taught to always be thankful for what we have. We are told to respect our elders and be courteous to everyone. We are taught to be faithful and honest and not be greedy. And yet, when we grow up, our first thoughts are, ‘What do they know?‘ ; ‘They don’t know anything about me!’ ; ‘Who are they to tell me what to do!‘.

There always comes a day(believe me, it does), when everything we ever took for granted and every little thing we shunned, are the things we miss the most. Now it may feel like it’s your mother’s job to cook for you and that you have every right to complain about the taste and the texture of the morsels in your mouth. When you get older and have to cook for yourself, it feels like you’d sell anything to get the day back when your mother forcefed you with her hands. 

Now you may not give second thoughts to when you speak harshly to someone beneath your status or sometimes even elder to you. There always comes a day when these things come back to haunt you. Every little tiny detail comes back. You’ll remember the look of hurt on the person’s face, the almost shock at being given a rude reply when they were being so polite to you.

From where we stand, it may seem like there is always another time to make up for something you did wrong. It will always feel like you can fix things another day. But i say, what if the sky falls down, or there is an earthquake or a tsunami or a meteor shower? What if the last thing you spoke to your beloved was how irritating he/she was? Is that how you want your last words to be remembered?

Please take the time to smile and be polite and courteous to everyone even if it takes a little extra effort. It could be your mom or your dad or your teacher or your friend or that random shopkeeper where you buy your cigarettes. No matter who it may be, think twice before you speak. Think twice before you bring the words of your mind into existence through your mouth. They may be the only thing that people remember you by. And always remember to smile. Even if it kills you. Smile.

Death by Cupcake

It was a bright and sunny morning in early August; I was at my usual place in my favorite coffee shop, right by the window. It was almost a ritual for me to come here every morning and watch people go about their day.

I guess you'd probably like to call me a pervert with voyeuristic tendencies but wait till you hear more of what I have to say.

No one gave me a second glance as I sat and watched everyone pass me by. The window, where I sat, was across the road from a charming little bakery known as Maggie's Cakes and Bakes. Maggie's stood right next to the Jenkins and Bradshaw Bank. I could see the bank was at its peak hour. All sorts of people were coming and going, trying to finish all their pending work before Sunday.

As I watched, a nice young gentleman came out of the bank and started walking towards the bakery. He did not notice that another young lady, was walking right behind him and talking on her phone. She seemed pretty engrossed in her conversation and was flailing her hands about trying to make a point to the thing on her ear.

Anyway, the nice gentleman had almost reached Maggie's when his phone rang. He was so startled for a sec, that he just stopped abruptly. After a moment, he started patting his pockets and fished out his phone. No one could have foreseen what happened next. Just as this man was about to answer his phone, the lady behind him, not noticing that he was there, walked right into him. He lost his grip on the phone which flew out his hand and hit  Maggie (yes, the Bakery's owner) on her nose, just as she was coming out of the shop with a big box. Maggie, in the moment of sheer shock, dropped the box. As the box hit the stairs, it fell open and out fell the most delicious cup cakes I had ever seen.

As the people then started apologizing and getting things right, I thought I had found the perfect opportunity to score a cup cake. So i stood up and started walking across the street.

You'd think that everything would be calm by now. But, the coffee shop owner's dog, thought that was the perfect moment to chase me across the road. I was so frightened for my life, I went and banged straight into Maggie and the nice gentleman who had just picked up all the cup cakes. And as Maggie let out a huge scream, we heard a huge screech and lots of bangs and blasts. Amidst the excitement and fear and barking, I hadn't noticed what had happened. Apparently, when that stupid mutt had chased me, all the cars on the road had crashed against each other trying to avoid hitting him.

Wow! All this is a matter of moments. And I didn't even get a cupcake! Well, I guess I could be thankful that I am alive. I should really stop sitting at the coffee shop where those stupid humans and their pets are a real menace to me. Just look at how clumsy they are and how everything turned out! From now on, I am going to stay where I am, on this tree, and never come down. After all, no one thinks much for a stray cat like me.

Note: I understand that you were expecting someone to die. But hey, it was an "almost death" by cupcake 😛

Judgement Day – May 21, 2011- Just another story of the boy who cried “Wolf”??

Harold Camping, an 89 yr old, christian radio broadcaster, has predicted the end of the world which is to be tomorrow the 21st of May 2011. And if you watch the video below, you will see that he blames homosexuality and lesbianism for this.

Watch Harold Camping talk about it

I do not know if the world will end tomorrow. I do not know if God will end the world just for indulging in homosexuality. But I do know this, God is gonna be pretty unhappy with Mr. Camping for using his name to preach false prophecies. I doubt God would want people to repent and change their ways just because they are scared to die tomorrow.

When the world has to end, it will end. And God doesn’t need this publicity to announce his coming.

According to Mr.Camping’s calculations, looks like only Christians will be taken back to heaven by Jesus. What about all the other good people? There are many good people on this planet who don’t deserve to die for a reason like end of the world.

I feel really bad for all the people who have liquidated their life savings to pour money into this Judgement Day campaigns for lost cause. When the sun rises on Sunday, how will you face all the innocent believers, Mr.Camping?

There are worse things on earth that God needs to punish humans for, than just homosexuality. There is still a lot of good in the world and it is not yet time for this world to go. This is my belief.

I am gonna enjoy my Saturday and look forward to watching “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” on Sunday. If the world does end tomorrow, I know that I have no regrets today. But if it doesn’t… 🙂 We can thank God for yet another beautiful day.

Bleed Blue! – Another successful attempt of Mass Commercial Brainwashing?

Bleed Blue? That is the crappiest slogan I’ve heard in Commercial History. The fact that “The Industry” managed to make it a hugely successful campaign, goes to show how brainless we Indians are.

On the day of the Pakistan and India Match of the ICC World Cup 2011, some of my closest friends insisted I change my office messenger status to busy because it changes the status color to blue. The Messenger’s “Available” status color is green, and so, anyone having their status as “Available”, was supposedly supporting Pakistan. I mean c’mon, I have seen people behave childish.. but to go to such silly lengths just to “Bleed Blue” , that was a first.

NOTE: I don’t mean any offense to my friends here. I love you guys. So please don’t be pissed after reading this. 🙁

Most the people who have seen the Bleed Blue campaign seem to think that, it was the only way to have supported India for the world cup. I understand the want for wearing the Indian team jersey or painting the Indian tri-color on your face or body… but Bleed blue? How the hell are you supposed to bleed blue? And then, there were the Bleed Blue Badges on Facebook Profile Pictures as well.

Was there really no other way to show support for Team India? Why just bleed blue? Why not crap blue as well?

And now when the IPL season starts, people are gonna be bleeding the rainbow left and right! Will we never learn?

There have been so many more sensible commercial slogans over the years.. And the one that got so effing famous was the stupidest* of them all!


* – I’ve got no idea if the usage of that word is correct.

Just a little brighter

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. —Bonnie Jean Wasmund

If you asked me what is the greatest thing a person can do for another person, I would reply – “share their pain”. There is no great philosophy behind this and I am not trying to be all pretentious by speaking of such deep things. In fact, this is not deep at all. It is simple and it is a matter of fact.

Empathy is something that all of us should try to cultivate and nurture within ourselves. Some of us pretend to have it but it’s all just a facade. When you see a person who has no feet, do you feel pity for that person? Or do you empathize? Yes, so many people confuse the two feelings. Empathy is when you see yourself in that person’s place and feel their pain of having no feet.

Many youngsters of today like to pretend that they care for unfortunate people and animals. They have long discussions and debates on how people should be punished for cruelty to animals and how politicians are corrupt and how they should be making better the lives of handicapped people and the other unfortunate ones. But then all they do is talk. If they really knew how it felt not to have basic necessities, they wouldn’t just be talking. They would be out there doing their part.

Have you ever given a thought to how the person serving you coffee at the coffee shop feels when he sees people of his own age hanging out with friends and spending money so freely? Ever wondered how the kid begging on the street feels when he sees you licking your candy? Ever wondered how it must feel like being a street dog going through garbage bins looking for food? And what about the janitor who cleans the washroom after you leave it dirty? Do you think he likes cleaning up after you?

If you haven’t ever given a thought to how these people feel…. Maybe it is time to start now. Scroll back up and read the quote at the start of this post by Bonnie Jean Wasmund. Now it might make more sense. Let’s try to make someone feel good today. Let’s start by trying to put ourselves in their shoes and looking at things from their points of view. We may not be able to bring about a great change in their lives, but we can try and be more sensitive. And if possible, let us try to make their day just a little better and just a little brighter.